UNI Men’s Basketball
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Due to the wide impact of the deadly coronavirus in the United States, March Madness took a one-year hiatus as part of the safety and health protocols. But now that the Tournament is back, fans and bettors are very much hyped and eager to witness one of the most anticipated sports in America again.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) already announced the complete schedules for the matches in different tournament rounds. The odds for the 68 teams are revealed as well by different sportsbooks. Let us check out some with higher odds to guide you on your betting.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have been the favorite for several months already, having now a +250 odds. They are a pretty tight team since they are the only undefeated team in the country with their record 24-0, and it seems like they are likely not going to lose any time soon.

It will be challenging for them to keep the flawless record until the end of the Tournament, though. Some websites even say that they might have their first loss in the Final Four. But who knows? They are still a great strong team and should be looked forward to.

There are many predictions regarding the teams by region, but Gonzaga seems to be the most anticipated one.

Baylor Bears

Coming as the second favorite, Baylor Bears are now having close +275 odds next to Gonzaga. They also have an impressive record of 20-1. That loss came from their match against the Kansas Jayhawks last month, with 71-58 scores. It was their first one since 7 March 2020 against West Virginia.

Although Baylor’s odds went a bit lower because of that defeat and from troubling matches in the previous weeks, bettors can still look up to this great team with that high odds. Their recent performances might have upset or disappointed many people and bettors, yet they still hold those high odds. They can still make wonders towards the National Championship of March Madness!

Michigan Wolverines

The Michigan Wolverines did a great jump, and they are just kept on getting better. Their current odds +450 are actually high, with their impressive record of 19-2. Even if the freshman Hunter Dickinson makes up the leading scorer, the team comprises five seniors and one junior. That makes them an experienced team already.

They have already secured their spot on the Big Ten as they crushed their in-state rival Michigan State Spartans, with the 19-point point gap from the score of 69-50. And they can still be possibly improved even more from their upcoming matches before the Finals.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Having a fair record of 20-6, Alabama acquired +1300 odds of winning the championship this year’s March Madness. The team is being looked forward to by several sites to be one of the top contenders for the Final Four or setting them as the No.2 seed.

There are even some quirky predictions that they might snatch the champion title. The Alabama Crimson Tide can even further improve and make their path to be the No.1 seed. Let’s see in their upcoming matches.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa Hawkeyes have gotten the same odds with the Alabama Crimson Tide― +1300. Their record 19-7 is not really bad for them, neither good to be the next champion of March Madness. But there are still more rounds for them to play. They can still improve their odds for the next outcomes of the matches.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Obtaining +1500 odds, Ohio State Buckeyes is going down. The odds are probably affected by their three streak losses against Iowa, Michigan State, and Michigan, all that happened last month. This made their record now being at risk, having 18-7 overall. They need to keep up with the other seeds above them to prolong their matches in the Tournament.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Despite their consecutive wins by crushing the teams Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, Illinois Fighting Illini made their odds to +1700, improving the record of 19-6 after all. If they keep up that kind of good performance, their odds can probably rise.

Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorns have gotten the same odds with Illinois― +1700, having a record of 16-7. Let’s witness their further performances on the upcoming round matchups, whether they can still be improved or not.

Teams Having +2000 Odds

The following teams, with their current records, have gained +2000 odds:

  • Florida State Seminoles (15-4)
  • Houston Cougars (20-3)
  • Kansas Jayhawks (19-8)
  • Oklahoma State Cowboys (17-7)
  • Villanova Wildcats (16-4)
  • Virginia Cavaliers (16-6)
  • West Virginia Mountaineers (18-7)

Teams Having +2500 Odds

The following teams, with their current records, have gained +2500 odds:

  • Creighton Bluejays (17-7)
  • Oklahoma Sooners (14-9)
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders (17-8)


March Madness this year is expected to be a little different from the past ones. But one thing is for sure― this upcoming NCAAB will be unpredictable and full of surprises. These odds will surely change as the National Championship comes closer. Make sure to keep updated on the odds and betting lines.