Kyle Kuzma
Photo: CBS Sports

Kyle Kuzma has been subjected to some criticism for his defense. Most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers forward was called out by sports analyst Jason McIntyre for being unreliable. His comments came after the reigning NBA champions were crushed by 25 points by the Jazz.

It was not only a big loss for the Lakers but they also struggled offensively, totalling just 89 points with just three players in double digits. Kuzma, for his part, played 25 minutes during which he scored five points and grabbed seven rebounds.

“Kyle Kuzma again, as unreliable as the WiFi in my basement. He just ain’t delivering. I’m sorry, it’s not happening for Kuzma,” McIntyre said.

“And I like him, they need him. This anemic Lakers offense. They can’t do anything to score points. When LeBron’s not on the court, those LeBron-less minutes are lost badly.”