LeBron James
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is known for his ability to play multiple positions and be a dominant player. One of his facets that sometimes gets overlooked is his dunking ability. Despite being a good dunker, he never took part in the Dunk Contest. His associate Rob Mc reveals why.

It turns taking part in such contest was not a part of LeBron’s brand. And in later years the Dunk Contest lost some of its appeal with top stars not taking part in it.

Per Landon Buford:

“It did not line up with his brand at the time. Hopefully, that you understand that there was different requirements of stars in different eras,” said Rob MC.

“After 2000, the dunk contest went down a little bit when some of the top stars stop participating. And it lost some of its flare, and at the end of the day that man makes his own decisions.”