LeBron James
Photo: NBA/Twitter

The newly formed Big 3 of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving could dominate the league in the next 2 years, according to sports analyst Skip Bayless. He thinks that Harden going to Brooklyn effectively ended the chances of LeBron James winning another championship.

“I believe that by outbidding he Philadelphia 76ers for James Harden the unbelievable Brooklyn Nets, I never thought I would ever see a team in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets are going to win a championship this year or next year or maybe both. Maybe both!” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.

“Your man LeBron James is in powerful trouble,” he told co-host Shannon Sharpe. “I do not think he will ever win another championship. Unless they can close this deal this year. And their biggest problem might be right under their nose in the basement. Because the Clippers are coming for the Lakers.”