Frank Vogel, Anthony Davis Lakers
Photo: Mark J. Terrill/ Associated Press

Although a lot is still unknown about the new NBA season, especially concerning restrictions, we are all ready for the new season to start.

The Pandemic and the NBA Season

Last year we saw most games had no on-court fans. We all watched the games from the safe comfort of our own homes. This year might be no different as the pandemic has not slowed and has become more concerning. A lot of teams will have to do regular testing and we expect a lot of cancellations in the first couple of months of the season.

With that being said, we do not expect the season to come to a grinding halt. The NBA managed the last season well and we expect that to continue in 2021.

Are Players and Coaches Ready?

After a year that was not easy for many, players did not have a lot of rest time and almost no pre-season before the games began again.

Some players have started and ended the past and current season in trying conditions that will probably shape them for the better. Oklahoma City Thunder played in easy Orlando conditions but now Chris Paul will play for the Phoenix Suns after a trade. They started preseason against the Utah Jazz in a game that was 4,226 feet above sea level. A tough adjustment indeed.

The Mavericks were in Milwaukee during the pre-season. Mostly secluded to avoid getting ill, they played video games and used a theater to watch other sports. NBA teams often need to stay in the same city for a few days which is a big adjustment for players and coaches. Some aspects are advantages, like finishing a game and not having to rush on a plane or bus but rather getting some good rest before moving along.

Players and coaches have pointed out all of the protocols for not getting sick and fear that no matter how much precaution is taken, they are still at risk. It is particularly difficult when each city or state has different social distancing rules. Many players hope that the inevitable postponements, quarantines, and possible infections will not demoralize their teams. If you are looking for excitement while staying safe at home you could check out freespins sites like, these cool slots that are not on Gamstop UK

Many players say that once they are in the game, they have entered their bubble and can perform their craft. Some players such as Carmelo Anothony say it is a lot different from the bubble that he is used to.

The Nuggets played their first preseason game but it was only on the night before the game that all players and coaches were in the same room to talk business.

LA Lakers coach Frank Vogel said he expects sloppiness across the league in the first few weeks of the season. Their normal training routines at the Staples Center and their practice facility will be very different this year. A lot of rotations will happen and often practices will be split among players.

As excited as we are, half a year for 72 games is a tough season for everyone.