Photo: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe has admitted he’s impressed with Paul George’s performances this season but won’t be convinced until he shows up in the playoffs.

George recently opened up on his feelings about the trash talk being thrown his way this season, also making a reference to the media. Sharpe has responded with claims that George’s peers are the ones calling him soft, not the press.

“You ain’t gotta convince me,” he said during UNDISPUTED on Tuesday. “I’m nobody, convince those guys. Cause those are the guys that’s talking to you sideways. They ain’t never said that about KD, they ain’t never said that about Kobe, they ain’t never said that about Bron.”

Meanwhile, Sharpe’s co-host, Skip Bayless reckons George would be regular-season MVP if the voting took place today.