Anthony Davis
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images North America

The Los Angeles Lakers are still feeling the effects of the season that ended two months back, as Anthony Davis admitted after the loss vs. the Clippers.

The Lakers’ superstar said his team still drained by their championship run in Orlando. The Miami Heat and the Lakers are the two NBA teams with the least time to recover since the last postseason ended.

“AD said that he was talking with LeBron after the game, and remarked that “I can’t believe we just played a basketball game. It’s only been a couple months,” Harrison Feigen reported.

Davis thinks that Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Schröder will help in that department, as the Lakers got deeper and younger during the offseason.

Schröder joined the team via trade, while Harrell was signed during free agency. In the first game of the season vs. the Clippers, both combined for 31 points.