Marc Gasol made his debut with the Los Angeles Lakers as they downed the Clippers 131-106. The 35-year-old center had six points, four rebounds and five assists. Postgame, he said it felt “natural” playing for his new team.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked about what Gasol brought to the game. According to him, the Spaniard’s court vision and ability to make passes make everyone more aggressive.

“I think NBA players or basketball players in general when they know they have a guy that’s going to throw them the ball, the cutting aggressiveness just picks up,” Vogel said. “We came into this game knowing we’re going to play through Marc a lot at the top of the key. Our guys had a great mindset to really move aggressively without the basketball. And then Marc would find you. Especially in the paint.

“We got a lot of great paint catches. Some led to layups, some led to paint and great situations. Marc gives us that dynamic. It’s just going to make us that more difficult to guard.”