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Alex Caruso thought Michael Jordan was the GOAT until LeBron James’ year 6-8 in NBA

Alex Caruso LeBron James
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The Los Angeles Lakers point guard Alex Caruso weighed in on the GOAT debate. The 2020 NBA champion admitted that growing up he was a huge Michael Jordan fan until a certain point of LeBron James’ career when he changed his mind.

Caruso, 26, revealed he never saw full games of Jordan, only highlights that showed him doing everything and hitting game winners. Around LeBron’s year 6-8 in the league, Caruso says he realized that James is the best basketball player to ever play.

LeBron spent the years six, seven and eight with the Cavaliers (two years) and the Heat (one year). It was before he won his first title in 2012 with Miami. Now a four-time NBA champion, James is widely considered as one of the greatest of all time.

Per Ernesto Cova of Fadeaway World:

“When I grew up, I had this fascination with highlights and I was a huge Michael Jordan fan… I’ve never seen full games or see him play in person, all you get are these highlights, you’ve got game winners, you just got them locking people up, you got them dunking. In my head, I’m like, he does it all and this is like the best dude to ever do it,” Caruso said.

“And then LeBron comes in like 2003 and we start watching him and then I get older and I start realizing more about basketball… I don’t know when it changed but there was somewhere around the year six-seven-eight for LeBron, when I was like this dude’s got to be the best basketball player to ever play. There is nobody that can do what he’s doing and then he did it for another 10 years,” the guard concluded.

"This Dude's Gotta Be The Best Basketball Player To Ever Play" - Alex Caruso on LeBron's GOAT Status
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