Damian Lillard ended the GOAT debate by saying he’d take LeBron James’ durability, says Skip Bayless

LeBron James LA Lakers
Photo: Twitter/NBA

Recently the Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard revealed the things he would take from three of the NBA’s greatest players in LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan.

Dame tweeted that he would take LeBron’s durability. According to sports analyst Skip Bayless, by doing that the Blazers superstar ended the GOAT debate because durability is not really a GOAT asset.

“I would like to thank my friend Damian Lillard for slamming the door on 2 debates: the GOAT debate and best player on the planet debate in one little sweet tweet. Thank you very much Dame for this. So he did want one thing from LeBron. But durability isn’t really a GOAT asset. It’s not really a gift because part of it is just luck to me,” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.

“LeBron has been very blessed, very lucky and very durable. It has something to do, I don’t know I don’t even know what percentage to give it to training, fitness obviously. But a lot of it it’s just you’re blessed. So Dame wanted from him. But when it comes to MJ he wants his athleticism. That’s a GOAT gift. That’s just him publicly acknowledging the GOAT is Michael Jeffrey Jordan.”