LeBron James
Photo: essentiallysports.com

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith reacted to a statement by the NBA legend Isiah Thomas, who tweeted that LeBron James is the GOAT.

“The best and most “complete” player I have seen in my lifetime is LeBron James on and off the floor. He passed the eye test and the numbers confirm what my eyes have seen in every statistical category. #Goat let it be known!” Thomas tweeted.

The above tweet annoyed Smith who pointed at the fact that LeBron is playing in the softest era ever. Meanwhile Jordan had go through extremely physical defenses, including Thomas’ Bad Boy Pistons.

“What I find most egregious, most blasphemous about Isiah Thomas’ statement is that he ignores the era that he was playing in as far as I’m concerned,” Smith went off.

It was very physical. It was very volatile. It was an era made for Kendrick Perkins of the world for crying out loud. I’m talking about banging bodies, Jordan rules, people getting assaulted and only getting call for a foul. You know, having a foul called against the person that assaulted them as opposed to today where could get ejected for having a bad breath.

“LeBron James at 6’9″ 260 pounds is playing in the softest era we have ever seen in NBA basketball. The fact that Isiah Thomas ignores that is beyond me.”