Photo: AP/Mark J. Terrill

Tyler Herro and his father got in a quarrel, according to Heat Nation. Because Herro’s father, Chris, has a problem with Jimmy Butler. As a result, Tyler Herro stands up for his teammates. And Tyler and his father got into a heated discussion.

As Chris Herro has increasingly expressed concern to his son. Because of his Miami teammate Jimmy Butler. Herro’s father main quarrel has a direct correlation with Jimmy Butler alpha personality.

“As a parent, you hear stories about Jimmy and you just want to make sure he’s OK,” Tyler’s father recalled about that night in July 2019. “He snapped back at me, ‘Dad, you gotta stop texting me. Jimmy is a good dude.’”

Brian Windhorse of ESPN portrayed his father’s concerns. In said piece citing concerns about Butler and a young and impressionable Tyler Herro. The cause for his father’s hesitation was Butler’s past.

A past that includes four different teams. Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and now Miami. And how cumbersome Butler can be towards teammates. But it can not be all that bad. Heat lifer Dwayne Wade spoke highly of Jimmy Butler saying he is your guy.

I digress. Butler did challenge Karl Anthony Towns and the rest of the starters to a five on five. Then preceded to carry the bench mob to the Win. And then he called everyone soft.

Then he moved to Philadelphia and tried to carry that team to the promised land. And then Jimmy Butler decided to speak up. Butler claimed that some players in Philly did not work as hard as he did.

Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler hit it off though. Regardless of this so-called baggage. So that being said I see the problem. But Herro and Butler work well together. They both bring out the best in each other. So let it be.