Skip Bayless: LeBron James is desperate to win the NBA Finals MVP

LeBron James

Sports analyst Skip Bayless says the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is not only going after his fourth NBA championship but also for the Finals MVP title.

“Your man LeBron wants this MVP so bad he can taste it like his finest wine: a 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild!” Bayless told Shannon Sharpe on UNDISPUTED.

“LeBron has to be about stats and fame as in legacy. What does he know for a fact? He knows for fact he has as many Finals losses as Michael Jordan had Finals wins. It’s 3 and 6 for LeBron in the Finals and Michael was 6 and 0. That case is closed. That game is over. He’s never gonna catch Michael in the Finals.

“The problem is for LeBron now he needs accolades. He needs real achievements. He needs bests and firsts. And right now there’s a big first sitting on the table. The first time a man has won three Finals MVPs for three teams. I though Kawhi would beat him to the punch. Unfortunately, Denver happened.”