Erik Spoelstra describes in what way LeBron James is different from his time with the Miami Heat

Erik Spoelstra LeBron James
Photo: AP Images

LeBron James had a great four-year stint with the Miami Heat between 2010-2014 leading the team to four consecutive Finals appearances.

Now, six years later, James will face the Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals, and Miami’s head coach Erik Spoelstra talked on what changed for LeBron since he left his team back in 2014.

(via Metro):

“He’s seen everything,” said Spoelstra. At this point in his career, it’s just about winning. And his ability to do what he does at his age is incredibly uncommon. But there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to be able to maintain that.”

“To see what LeBron has done, when he moved on to Cleveland and then to (Los Angeles), it really is just a testament to his greatness and his commitment to winning,” Spoelstra continued.

James has an incredible year with the Los Angeles Lakers being the MVP award runner-up and a crucial part of the Lakers’ playoff run.

He is averaging 26.7 points along with 10.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists per contest through 15 games in the 2020 NBA postseason.

The NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers start on Wednesday.