Allen Iverson reveals his favorite dunker: “I don’t want to be politically correct”

Allen Iverson
Photo: Steven M. Falk/The Philadelphia Inquirer

NBA legend Allen Iverson revealed his favorite dunker of all time during a conversation with former players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All The Smoke podcast.

It turn out Iverson’s favorite dunker was his teammate in Philadelphia. It’s Andre Iguodala, who is currently fighting in the Eastern Conference Finals for the Miami Heat.

“Who do you think had the craziest hops? Dre [Andre Iguodala],” AI said. “I don’t want to be politically correct,” he replied referring to the fact that his choice is not Vince Carter.

“Trust me, I don’t want people to not recognize what Andre Iguodala was or is as far as leaping. And I just seen him do so man things man. Just getting off the floor man.”