Photo: AP/Ron Frehm

The former New York Knicks guard John Starks debated the LeBron James-Michael Jordan dilemma in his recent interview with

The Knicks’ legend admitted Jordan and James are two different players and it’s hard to choose between them, but he ultimately gave up his final verdict.

“I always say if your life depended on it and you had him or LeBron taking the last shot, which one would you want to take the last shot? A majority of people say Michael, so that’s how I will put it,” Stark said.

And then became more specific on the differences between the two legendary players.

“Obviously LeBron is six-eight and 260-pounds. He’s more, and people always say, he’s more like a Magic Johnson, but more athletic, in that sense. Michael’s just a killer, basically. His wheel and his athleticism and what made him so special, and I tell people this, he was probably one of the most well-balanced athletes out there on the court,” the Knicks’ legend said.