Jeff Van Gundy
Photo: CBS Sports

The Houston Rockets think Jeff Van Gundy is the best option for the head coaching position, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times. Van Gundy has been out of coaching for a while. He has enjoyed a position with ESPN covering NBA games and even the Finals.

The Houston Rockets were booted out of the playoffs yet again and it’s time for a coaching change. Mike D’ Antoni has been the coach for years and he has not been able to ascend the Rockets to the Finals at all. The team lost three in a row after winning Game 2.

Here’s what their current coach D’ Antoni said about his tenure:

“We’ll see what happens. I had four years. Hopefully, it keeps going, but you just never know.” He definitely wants to continue coaching, whether it’s in Houston or elsewhere.

In 2016, Mike D’ Antoni became the Rockets’ coach. He was to usher in a faster pace and lead a potent scoring attack. James Harden has been a product of the system. He has won an MVP award and the team has won many games.

There have been seasons where the Rockets looked like the best team in the league but they were not able to pan out. They were all scoring. At some point, they had to play defense and they could not. The Rockets added Russell Westbrook as a counterpart instead of Chris Paul who had run point for so many years.

Westbrook is also an MVP. He and Harden were supposed to be unstoppable because of their ability to takeover games. Things didn’t work out this season. With D’ Antoni out, the Rockets are going with a more methodical approach with Van Gundy.

If it will work is why we all can’t wait for next season.