Spencer Dinwiddie believes Steve Nash will be able to manage the “egos” in the Nets’ roster

Spencer Dinwiddie
Photo: Paul Sancya/Associated Press

Spencer Dinwiddie is going to be a crucial part of the second unit for the Brooklyn Nets next season with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant back in action.

The Nets’ guard talked on Steve Nash hiring and how the former NBA superstar and Hall of Famer will be able to manage the huge egos in the roster.

“And to me coaching at this level, especially with the talent that we have, it’s like 80% psychologist, 10% temperament, 10% x’s and o’s,” Dinwiddie said on his interview with Forbes’ Shlomo Sprung. “It’s mostly about managing the egos. That’s why Phil Jackson was phenomenal. He knew how to speak to Kobe. He knew how to speak to Michael.”

Dinwiddie, 27, had a career-best season until the NBA season suspension back in March with 20 points, 6.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds per contest.

He was unable to help his team in the Orlando “bubble” due to testing positive for coronavirus in July.