Lakers, Clippers vote to boycott season

LeBron James
Photo: AP/Mark J. Terrill

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have voted to boycott the NBA season at the players meeting in Orlando.

Every team besides the Lakers and Clippers voted to continue playing, according to Shams Charania.

LeBron James said in the meeting that he wants owners to be more involved and take action.

James walked out of the meeting and the Lakers and Clippers exited behind him.

Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem spoke at the meeting and reportedly told everyone in the room that without the Lakers and Clippers, how will the season continue?

There was some frustration in the meeting toward the Milwaukee Bucks “blindsiding” on the walk-out plan.

Bucks point guard George Hill admitted that he first sparked conversation pregame to boycott the team’s game and his teammates supported the decision, Charania notes.

While some in the meeting wanted to hear the Bucks’ explanation for making an abrupt decision independent of the rest of teams to boycott their game, Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics essentially said that the Bucks didn’t need to explain themselves and he fully supported what they did today.

The meeting also reportedly ended “ugly” and there is uncertainty about what will happen tomorrow ahead of the special Board of Governors meeting, according to David Aldridge of The Athletic.

Discussions will continue into tomorrow, as “everyone is still too emotional,” a high-ranking source told Adrian Wojnarowski. “There needs to be more time to come together on this.”

The Lakers and Clippers choosing not to continue the season was considered more of a “polling” rather than a final vote and as a result, the resumption of the playoffs still remains up in the air.