Photo: Tony Avelar/ Associated Press

Matt Barnes finally accepted his 2017 championship ring from the Golden State Warriors. That season was Barnes’ last year in the NBA. That year, Barnes was on the Sacramento Kings to start the season. He ended up on the Golden State Warriors as a replacement to Kevin Durant when he went out with an injury.

Barnes was a great replacement for Durant in the regular season. He played in 20 games and started in five. In the playoffs, however, he missed the first four playoff games and only averaged 0.8 points. Barnes helped the Warriors to their third straight 67+ win season.

Steve Kerr said about Barnes finally accepting the ring:

“About Time You Took This Ring, We’ve Been Trying To Give It To You For About 3 Years.”

Barnes is now a member of the media. He was able to receive the ring on ESPN’s The Jump’s set. In Barnes’ 16 year career, he only won one ring and that was the 2017 championship ring. Matt Barnes finally won a ring in his last year in the NBA and it was in the area he is from. While he did not have a major impact, it should still mean a lot to him.