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Grading new NBA contracts (Part 2)

The first wawe of free agency is upon us… let’s grade other deals.

Danny Green, former member of Union Olimpija, has been retained from the San Antonio Spurs for $12 million in 3 years, a fair value for both parties, since Green was a nice piece of last year’s Spurs, and with his strong work-ethic he will continue to improve, playing in a system suited for his skills.

Grade: B, as all type of moves from the Spurs.

Roy Hibbert, an All-star this past season, has signed for $58million in a 4-year deal, a proposal offered earlier by Portland and then matched by the Indiana Pacers. The amount of money is too high for a player like Hibbert, that just had a career year, but is not a superstars by NBA standards.

My guess is that he has reached his ceilings and that there isn’t room to improve for him. Okay, size and length are regularly overpaid, but this seems too much.

Grade: C–, surely a good asset, but too much money…..

Kevin Garnett has agreed to a three-year $34 million deal to play the next three seasons in Boston, a good move by Danny Ainge because Garnett will bring his fierce demeanor on the court while mentoring Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo, two rookies for the Celtics and, in Boston’s hopes, the future frountcourt of the franchise.

Grade: A, because Garnett is again a joy to watch, as strong willed veteran as you will find in NBA.

Last, but not less-important is Steve Nash, who has joined the Lakers with a 3-year $27 million contract. While he is again between the top point guards in this League, his durability will be a concern going towards year 3 of the deal and the new CBA provided more harsh penalties for those who exceed the luxury tax threshold, something the Lakers will do certainly.

But all this dollars-risk will be rewarded by at least two seasons of showtime in L.A.

Grade: A, from a basketball standpoint, which is all we care.

In the coming days part three!

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