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Grading new NBA contracts

We are on day three of NBA free agency, and a lot of rumors have surfaced from every kind of source. Let’s get grading some already done deals.

Gerald Wallace has agreed to sign a deal worth $40 million over four years with the Brooklyn Nets. While this seems to be a fair value, looking towards the 2014/2015 season and beyond I think the Nets could regret this deal, because Wallace’s hardnosed playstyle is his calling card, but it is also what makes him injury prone.

Past his prime Wallace should be less valuable than now and i don’t envision him as a good veteran player late in his career, so i think the Nets overpaid to bring him back.

Omer Asik received a contract offer from Houston and it looks obvious that he’ll sign that a second after the period start: he will make $10.2 million the first two years,then a final year at $14,9 million. It’s not a refuse, $14,9 millions to take rebounds and swat shots basically, because his offence is a work in progress, plus he shoots around 50% from the free-throw line, just to make an understatement.

Finally a smart deal by the Denver Nuggets who bring back Andre Miller for 3 years and $9 million.

Miller is a positive presence for his fellow Nuggets, he is a real leader by example and a mentoring figure whose impact is comparable to what he bring on the floor. Nothing to say, so far the best contract.

Before ending this article I would like to talk about the possible deal between Terry and the Boston Celtics. This is a great deal for both parties involved, because Terry has both ability and expierence it takes to enter the Celtics and immediately, he can be critical in the run to another title.

If the Mavs don’t match this offer, this acquisition will be just another of the shots that Danny Ainge has engineered during his long tenure with the Celtics.

I haven’t talked about Kevin Garnett because was general consensus that in any case he would not have changed the team.

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