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Steph Curry reveals: “I dreamed of playing with the Knicks”

Steph Curry has come out of the closet. In his interview, Curry revealed a curiosity related to the 2009 Draft. Steph was chosen by the Golden State Warriors with the seventh absolute choice. But, in the beginning these were not the plans. The rumors gave Curry as the eighth choice, which would be up to the New York Knicks. And Curry revealed to the “All the Smoke” podcast that he really wanted to go play in the Big Apple. But, something went differently.

The Knicks were Curry’s wish

‘I wanted to go to New York and thought I would go there. Then I got a call from Larry Riley and he said ‘We’ll take you with our seventh choice,’ said Steph Curry.

A scenario that changed the ideas that Steph had in mind, and then also changed the future of the NBA. At that moment, perhaps, it didn’t seem like one of the best destinations for Curry. And it is also possible that he regretted it a little. In fact, in the 15 years prior to 2009, the Warriors had gone to play the playoffs only once. In short, the expectations weren’t the best.

The Knicks ultimately, with choice number eight, chose Jordan Hill, who they sent shortly afterwards to the Houston Rockets in a trade that brought Tracy McGrady to New York.

We all know what the Golden State Warriors epic was. In the 2011 draft the Bay franchise hit Klay Thompson. And the following year, Draymond Green also arrived. With a series of excellent catches, the San Francisco team formed that hard core that then brought the Warriors to the top of the world in the following years.

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