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Instant impact: Patrick Beverley grabs clipboard during Bucks’ timeout

In a swift transition to his new team, Patrick Beverley, recently acquired by the Milwaukee Bucks from the Philadelphia 76ers at the trade deadline, wasted no time making his presence felt.

During a timeout in the Bucks’ matchup against the Charlotte Hornets, Beverley grabbed the clipboard and took charge, offering strategic insights to teammate Brook Lopez, showcasing his leadership and basketball IQ.

Despite his brief stint on the court, Beverley made an immediate impact for the Bucks, contributing six points and four assists in just 12 minutes of play, underscoring his value as a versatile contributor off the bench.

With Beverley’s guidance and the team’s collective effort, the Bucks (34-19) surged to a convincing 120-84 victory over the short-handed Hornets (10-41), snapping their recent three-game losing streak in emphatic fashion.

Reflecting on his unexpected trade to the Bucks, Beverley expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join a championship-contending team and emphasized his unwavering commitment to pursuing a title at this stage of his career.

“My time with the Sixers was great,” he said during the postgame press conference. “I built some great relationships there. I was playing some of my best basketball I think I’ve ever player since I’ve been in the NBA.

“But trade deadline, this was the only trade I was kind of surprised by. I didn’t see this coming. This came way left field. But I’m fortunate that at this age that I’m playing this type of basketball. Team still want me, so I’m very fortunate in that aspect. But to leave Philly, to come to a contender team that wants to win, team that is built to win, I’m fortunate, very fortunate.”

Acknowledging the challenges of transitioning to a new locker room and integrating his passion and basketball IQ into a new environment, Beverley remains determined to make a significant impact and contribute to the Bucks’ pursuit of success.

“For me, the hardest part is me going from locker room in Philly, heart and soul, to a whole new locker room and me implementing my passion I have for the game, implementing my IQ I have for the game,” Beverley said when asked about transitioning to a new team.

For Beverley, winning an NBA championship stands as the ultimate goal and the defining achievement he aspires to realize, emphasizing his relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering dedication to achieving greatness in the sport.

“It’s the only thing for me, only thing left for me,” he said. “Obviously, when it comes to IQ and knowing the game, I know it in and out better than a lot of coaches. But I think what will seal it for me is a championship.

“I earned a ton of money in this league, I’ve played with a ton of players, a ton of superstars and right there come up short, injury here come up short, 3-1 lead come up short, so to end this legacy championship is the only thing.”

Patrick Beverley Postgame Press Conference | 2.9.24
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