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Kevin Durant reacts to Kyle Hines’ ‘NBA is checkers and Europe is chess’ comment

Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

Kyle Hines, a prominent figure in European basketball with four EuroLeague championships and three Best Defender awards to his name, ignited a debate by comparing the NBA to the EuroLeague.

Hines boldly stated, “I’d say the NBA is checkers, and Europe is chess.” His provocative comment caught the attention of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, leading to a spirited exchange on Twitter/X.

“I’d say the NBA is checkers, and Europe is chess. The NBA is a speed-type of game, while in Europe it’s more reading, understanding, and how the team works and reacts,” Hines told Giorgos Kyriakidis.

“In the NBA, for the most part, one player can win a game. In Europe, it takes 5-6 players at a time to win a game. But I enjoy watching both games.”

The discussion began when an X user named ‘B-Moe’ responded to Hines’ quote, suggesting that scoring in the EuroLeague is more challenging than in the NBA, even going so far as to claim that Joel Embiid couldn’t average 30 points in the EuroLeague.

Durant didn’t hesitate to join the conversation, emphatically responding with, “F*ck outta here lmao. Y’all are insane,” expressing his disagreement with the comparison.

‘B-Moe’ stood his ground, emphasizing that the EuroLeague focuses on defense and challenging Durant’s perspective on the competition level.

In response, Durant suggested that ‘B-Moe’ was trying too hard to be different and implied that his comments lacked credibility.

The exchange continued as ‘B-Moe’ pointed out aspects of the NBA game, including the focus on scoring and the introduction of rules against flopping, which he believed made the game less competitive.

Durant concluded the conversation by suggesting that ‘B-Moe’ should support EuroLeague basketball by ordering a EuroLeague package to watch the games.

‘B-Moe’ conceded that the NBA features superior players but clarified that his point was about the competitiveness and style of play in the two leagues.

It’s important to note that Kyle Hines, despite his success in Europe, has never played in the NBA. While he had opportunities with NBA Summer League teams and invitations from NBA franchises, he ultimately pursued a career in European basketball, where he has excelled.

The debate sparked by Hines’ comment highlights the ongoing discussion about the differences between the NBA and EuroLeague in terms of playing style, competition, and overall basketball experience.

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