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Penny Hardaway compares James Wiseman to Chris Bosh

Photo: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

NBA legend Penny Hardaway talked on a recent interview with NBC Sports about his former player James Wiseman, who is projected to get selected in the upper echelon of the 2020 NBA Draft.

Wiseman, who was coached by Hardaway for three games in Memphis, before his suspension due to illegal payments. The former NBA superstar compared Wiseman to Chris Bosh, saying he will be a perfect fit for the Warriors.

“Parts of his game remind me of Chris Bosh. I know that’s a stretch for a lot of people. But when I see him, the way he’s been able to work his way out to the 3-point line, there are similarities to Bosh. But he’s way more athletic,” Hardaway said.

“He can easily keep up with the game and the pace,” Hardaway tclaimed. “He’s very athletic, very fast. He’d instantly be one of the better rim runners in the league. He’s also a rim protector; he is going to protect the rim. His skill set is good enough now, and it’s going to get better, especially because he’d be playing with veterans like Draymond, Klay and Steph.”

Wiseman is a standout big man in the 2020 Draft being a 7-foot-1 center with a 7’6 wingspan and an enticing defensive skill set.

The draft will take place on Nov.18.

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