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Best Three-Point Shooters Of All Time!

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The NBA is full of power plays and top-level action, but there is just something about watching a three-point shot sink through the net that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. There have been some absolutely prolific three-point shooters in the past, and a couple of players who continue to raise the bar today. We’ve covered the best of the best in this short article, and some of the figures here are just insane!

1. Ray Allen

Ray Allen enjoyed a fair old career in the NBA, starting back in 1996 with the Milwaukee Bucks and ending his run with the Miami Heat in 2014. He wasn’t the most flashy guy in the league by any means but he certainly had laser vision when it came to making three-point shots. Allen actually ended his career with the highest three-point numbers of all, as he scored a total of 2,973 three-point shots in his time. If we were to do the math, that’s 8,919 points he put on the scoreboard for his various teams – a record that still stands today.

It wasn’t just his three-point shooting that made Allen such an awesome player. It was his technique when doing it that made him so exciting to watch. He seemed to catch the ball, size up the hoop, and release the ball in less than a second at times, which just seemed in-human. He also seemed to enjoy chewing gum while he was wandering around draining three-point shots, which kind of reflects how he was on the court in general – relaxed.

Allen became particularly famous for one of the most ‘clutch’ three-point shots ever made when Miami Heat took it to overtime against the San Antonio Spurs in 2013. His shot kept Miami in the NBA finals, and Miami eventually went on to lift the trophy, which no doubt delighted sports fans who had bet on Miami Heat.

2. Steph Curry

According to the Gamblersbet, Steph Curry is arguably the best three-point shooter that is currently active in the NBA and we can only agree! This man’s ability when it comes to shooting three-pointers is just insane. He can score them from half-court, the corner, way downtown, heck – he could probably even find the basket if he was sitting in the stands. Curry actually has the most successful three-point shot in NBA history, as he currently shoots at .435 percent, higher than every other legend on this list.

He has put down a total of 2,495 points during his career, and every single one of these shots has been scored for the Golden State Warriors. Much like Allen, Curry has a rapid technique when catching and releasing the ball. This is what makes him so dangerous out there on the court, and he’s certainly caused mayhem for countless opponents over the years.

All of this may seem hugely impressive already, but Curry also has three NBA Championships in his locker, as well as two MVP trophies.

3. Reggie Miller

Just like Steph Curry so far, Reggie Miller was a one-team wonder during his NBA career. He played for the Indiana Pacers between 1987-2005, and during this time he rained down a total of 2,560 three-point shots. This puts him as the second-highest three-point shooter of all time, behind the one and only Ray Allen. Miller is an NBA Hall of Fame inductee these days, and deservedly so.

What’s particularly interesting about Reggie Miller is how often he destroyed the dreams of New York Knicks fans by sinking clutch three-pointers. Due to this, he earned a nickname of ‘Knicks Killer’. Miller was so good for the Pacers that when he retired from the NBA, the number 31 jersey went with him, and he is still regarded as one of the most talented players to ever grace the court for the Indiana Pacers.

4. James Harden

James Harden is currently active in the NBA and players for the Houston Rockets. Harden has won an Olympic gold medal with the USA in 2012, and his impressive resume doesn’t stop there. He’s drained 2,296 three-point shots during his career, which will only get higher as he continues to compete in the NBA.

Harden is actually left-handed, which makes him somewhat unique in the NBA right now. There aren’t too many southpaws right now shooting three-pointers, but he’s also particularly skilled at dribbling with both hands. This allows him to open up so much space out there on the court. He’s certainly broken a fair few ankles of opponents in his time, and we are sure he will continue to break more in the coming seasons.

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