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Gortat hinted that he might rest this summer?

Poland center Marcin Gortat might make himself unavailable for the national team at Eurobasket this summer due to a knee injury he sustained on Wednesday night.

The Phoenix Suns’ big man landed awkwardly during the first quarter of his side’s 98-71 loss to the Toronto Raptors and did not return to action. Gortat had an MRI yesterday and results showed that he would have to keep his right leg in a cast for at least three weeks.

Gortat has hinted that he will now miss the remainder of the season and with rest the only thing on his mind, there could be a possibility that he might not play in Slovenia in September as the nation of Poland awaits his decision.

“I’m definitely not going to work all this just to come back for one or two games, I’d rather just rest the remainder of the year,” he said.

“I can tell you one thing: I’m going to definitely consider not going to the national team again and not playing another 20 games in the off-season.”

This news and Gortat’s comments are sure to make new Poland coach Dirk Bauermann a little uneasy as the preparations for Eurobasket commence.

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