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All hell breaks loose in Serbian final (vid)

Partizan might have beaten Hemofarm 81-86 away but the fight which was started by the players and was continued by the fans on the stands was the clue of the game. As a result both teams finished the game with just three players!

Moments before the end and while Partizan was leading 78-80 Aleks Maric hit an opponent who in turn hit him  back and then the rest of the players and benches joined the fight. As a result all players, but three for each team, were ejected from the game and the rest of the games was played 3 on 3.

For the history Partizan is now leading 2-0 in the finals and needs one more win to become Serbia Champions 2010. Watch the fight at the video below.

And here is what a game of 3 on 3 looks like…


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