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Spahija suspect for war crimes?

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Fenerbahce’s Croatian coach Neven Spahija was called to testify before the County Court of Split on accusations of torturing Serb civilians and prisoners or wars during 1992 when the civil war in former Yugoslavia was raging on.

So far Spahija is testifying as a witness, but according to prosecutors charges could be brought upon him and the former Croatia National Team could become a suspect.

Spahija was a member of the  Police Army in Sibenik. Already some members of the battalion have been prosecuted and arrested while others are being investigated too. The former Valencia coach was present in the barracks in which systematic torture and abuse of twenty one Serbian paramilitary members and civilians took place.

As “Novi List” reports in its online edition, according to the testimony of army policeman Rajko Zarkovic, Spahija was seen in the barracks, although he had no authority to be even present there, but did not see him abusing the Serbian war detainees.

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