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Dario Saric believes that the Philadelphia 76ers are Playoff material

Putting his disappointment of an early exit at Eurobasket behind him, Dario Saric is now fully focused on the new season with the Philadelphia 76ers and believes that the team has a Playoff calibre side but it will be hard work to get there.

The Sixers have not made the post-season for the last five seasons and have struggled overall despite an influx of exciting young players. Saric, one of those components is hopeful of a great year.

“I don’t want to talk about accomplishing something, amazing,” Saric said to Eurohoops. “Of course, we have a team for the playoffs. On paper. But there are lots of factors at play. We must be healthy, first of all. Then everything should work on the court.

“You might have 12 good players but it doesn’t mean anything if they can’t work together on the floor. It’s important to find a chemistry among the players, to keep all players happy. Coach Brett Brown can do that. I hope we’re going to have a great season.”

Via Eurohoops:

“When you trust each other, when you have that particular feeling, it just makes it so much easier to accomplish things and perform within a team. That’s what I’m seeing in Philadelphia. We have good chemistry between us as people. Good humor as well. We frequently joke with each other. You know, in NBA sometimes people don’t hang out off the court like in Europe. In Europe, it’s more common to hang out with your teammates. But we’re good friends. And when we travel for away games we hang out a lot. It’s a really good thing. It’s a first step towards doing something good. It’s all about people. Trusting each other and believing in each other.”

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