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Tom Thibodeau on Jalen Brunson: He’s the ultimate leader

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New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau thinks that Jalen Brunson is doing an amazing job as a leader (averaging 40.3 PPG/3.3 RPG/4.3 APG/2.0 SPG/51.8% FG/34.5% 3-PT/86.2% FT during the last three games).

(via New York Knicks):

Reporter: “What’s been the key to Jalen taking over with OG [Anunoby], with Julius Randle gone? Not only from a scoring standpoint, but from a leadership standpoint?”

Thibodeau: “Well, he’s the ultimate leader. I think when you study him his entire career, high school: Great accomplishments, team accomplishments. His individual accomplishments were off the charts as well, but the team accomplishments were amazing. He was a great teammate in high school, he was a great teammate in college, they won at a very high level in college, he won at a high level in Dallas, and he’s brought that here. You’re not replacing a Julius Randle or an OG or a Mitch [Robinson] individually, we can’t do that, but we can do it collectively. That’s what I love about Jalen, he not only brings the best out of himself, he brings the best out of the team. And it’s usually the best team that wins, it’s not individual players, it’s the best team. And so, he’s always had that characteristic. He’s never satisfied. He always thinks he could do better. He always wants to learn more. You can’t say enough about what he’s done.”

Tom Thibodeau | New York Knicks Postgame Press Conference | March 18th, 2024
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