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Carmelo Anthony opens up about Phil Jackson pushing him out of Knicks, time with Thunder

During a recent episode of the iHeartPodcasts series The Why with Dwyane Wade, a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment, Carmelo Anthony shared candid insights into his departure from the New York Knicks, highlighting the pivotal role played by legendary coach Phil Jackson.

Speaking with Dwyane Wade, Anthony reflected on the challenges he faced and the circumstances surrounding his exit from the Knicks.

In the revealing interview, Anthony expressed frustration and confusion over the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Knicks.

Recounting his feelings at the time, Anthony shared, “When I left New York, I didn’t leave New York. I got pushed out of New York, Phil [Jackson] pushed me out of New York. I struggled to leave New York.”

Anthony detailed his experience with the Oklahoma City Thunder following his departure from the Knicks. Despite initial enthusiasm about joining OKC and the support he received from the team’s management, Anthony faced challenges integrating into the lineup and adjusting to the team’s system.

He described feeling sidelined and disconnected from the offense, despite his willingness to adapt his game for the team’s success.

“OKC, and I’ll support Sam Presti to this day in whatever he want to do,” Melo said. “He came in the 25th hour, ‘Melo, we’re taking you, we believe in you, you are the piece that we need in OKC…

“I never thought we would be in this situation to be able to have somebody like you.’ …I’m like oh this is perfect…I could just play ball, I got Russ[ell Westbrook], I got PG [Paul George], I’m cool…

“It was slowly like pulling back on Melo…but then you ain’t incorporated into the offense, you ain’t part of the system, I’m asking what’s going on…At this point, I was willing to change my game, I knew PG, Russ, I’m going there to figure this out with all three of us.”

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