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Pat Connaughton: “Brook’s had two All-Star careers”

Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/X

Here’s Milwaukee Bucks guard/forward Pat Connaughton on the evolution of Brook Lopez.

(via Milwaukee Bucks):

“Brook’s had, as far as I’m concerned, two All-Star careers. He’s been a guy who has been able to adapt with the changes in the NBA and how the game is being played. He’s a guy that obviously dominated the paint, dominated the post, had post moves like no other, footwork like no other. And now, he shoots threes, rolls, drives the lane, big guard, he does a little bit of everything. Not to mention obviously the defensive end, which I think has been consistent the whole time. So to see him in the second half of his All-Star career has been pretty cool for me, and just watching him on TV obviously going through high school and college in the first half of it; to see the difference is remarkable. I don’t think he gets enough credit for it.”

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