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Zion Williamson: “We weren’t on the same page before”

In a resounding victory against the Sacramento Kings (129-93), the New Orleans Pelicans found their stride with Zion Williamson leading the charge, scoring a season-high 26 points for the second time.

Postgame, the 23-year-old forward opened up in a press conference, acknowledging previous team disunity and crediting a pivotal team meeting for bringing everyone onto the same page.

“We weren’t on the same page before, but now we’re all on the same page. We had a team meeting, we talked about what we want to do as a unit and that’s what we’re gonna live and die with,” Williamson revealed, via HoopsHype.

This candid admission follows earlier ominous statements from Zion, hinting at a shift in his role, where he suggested he was taking a back seat.

The Pelicans’ convincing win and Williamson’s standout performance signal a potential turning point for the team as they look to build cohesion and a shared vision for success.

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