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Vasilije Micic: “When you have these back-to-back games, it’s really hard”

In a transformative move from EuroLeague to the NBA this offseason, Vasilije Micic, a two-time EuroLeague champion and former MVP, finds himself in the process of acclimating to the demands of the new league.

The 29-year-old point guard, known for his prowess on the European stage, recently shared his insights on the distinctions between the two basketball league.

“It’s different,” Micic reflected. “When you have these back-to-back games, it’s really hard. I don’t know how these guys are managing that. I’m still recovering from the trip from Portland. But that’s something that they get used to.”

Micic expressed the challenges posed by the NBA’s intense schedule, especially the back-to-back games, highlighting the difficulty of quick turnarounds and constant travel.

Despite the demanding nature, he acknowledged the adaptability of NBA players and their ability to manage less practice time while maintaining focus and concentration.

“As you said, less practice, but more points on concentration,” Micic observed. “There are a lot of video sessions that you have to really take lessons from. That’s what I’ve learned here.”

Adjusting to the NBA’s structured approach, Micic emphasized the meticulous planning and organization within the league.

He appreciates the focus on video sessions as valuable learning opportunities, indicating a shift from the more traditional practice-heavy routines in European basketball.

“I would say that whatever we do is planned exactly like they want. I’m enjoying that part too,” Micic acknowledged.

However, he also highlighted the challenge of balancing the structured NBA approach with personal habits developed during his successful EuroLeague career, particularly the importance of maintaining consistent workout routines.

“I have some habits from past that I need to keep maintaining doing them and that’s one of them, working out,” he said.

In his debut NBA season, the Serbian guard is adapting to the pace, contributing an average of 3.6 points and 2.9 assists in limited minutes over seven games.

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