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Rui Hachimura: Dillon Brooks just wants to be part of LeBron James’ legacy

Photo: YouTube

The heated rivalry between Dillon Brooks and LeBron James, sparked during last year’s playoffs, continues to intensify as the two faced off twice this season, with Brooks now donning Rockets colors.

Lakers forward Rui Hachimura, observing the ongoing feud, shared his perspective. “I don’t know what’s the beef between those two guys, but I know they’ve been doing it for a while now, especially last year in the playoffs,” he said, per Jonathan Feigen of Houston Chronicle.

“For Bron, it’s nothing. It’s actually good for him. He needs that motivation. So, it actually brings him more to the game. Dillon Brooks, he just wants to be part of it — his legacy, I guess.”

The tension between Brooks and James escalated when Brooks, then with the Grizzlies, engaged in trash talk aimed at the four-time NBA champion during last year’s playoffs, attempting to disrupt his focus.

This season’s matchups between the Lakers and the Rockets provided a stage for the continuation of this basketball drama, with both players aiming to assert dominance on the court.

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