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Victor Wembanyama on biggest lesson he’s learned in NBA so far

Following an exceptional display that saw him score a career-high 38 points, Spurs’ top draft pick Victor Wembanyama was approached for insights into his experience in the NBA thus far, particularly the key lessons he has acquired.

Wembanyama underlined the NBA’s dynamic nature, stressing the volatility of leads, citing the league’s resemblance to FIBA play against Team USA, where sizable leads can rapidly dwindle due to rapid offensive transitions and strong defensive performances.

The young French talent drew parallels between the high-stakes environment of international basketball and the intense competition in the NBA, highlighting the importance of maintaining focus and intensity regardless of the scoreline.

Wembanyama’s acknowledgment of the transitory nature of leads underscores the need for unwavering concentration and persistent effort throughout the game, reflecting his growing understanding of the intricate dynamics and challenges present in the NBA.

In his own words, Wembanyama stated, “The biggest thing I’ve learned I’d say maybe a 20-point lead is nothing. It works both ways. This is also something we see in FIBA when we play Team USA and when we scout Team USA.

“You’re going to be up 15 [points] and in a blink you’re going to be down one and you don’t know what happened because they ran the fast break like crazy and they made just some defensive stops. So yeah, int the NBA it’s the same. I believe this 20-plus lead is really nothing.”

Victor Wembanyama, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker x Coach Popovich React To Suns/Spurs | Nov 2, 2023
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