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Zeljko Obradovic reveals political and church pressure on Nikola Mirotic

Manresa FC Barcelona Nikola Mirotic
Photo: Twitter/FC Barcelona

Zeljko Obradovic is of the opinion that the influence exerted by politicians and the church played a role in preventing Nikola Mirotic from joining Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade.

“I will tell everything I know about it,” Obradovic said in an interview with news magazine Nedeljnik. “After several conversations with Nikola, he called me and said he was definitely coming to Partizan. The only thing left was to sort out the paperwork between him and Barcelona and that whole mess. However, we continued to communicate during all this time. 

“Nikola is an extremely polite guy, and all those conversations were very pleasant, and everything went as it should – we talked about the process of putting together the team, which players we want to bring, how we plan to play, he was interested in every detail. After two weeks of such conversations, he called me and said he still couldn’t come. When I asked him why, he told me it was the pressure.”

Following the inquiry about the nature of Mirotic’s reference to pressure, the Partizan head coach proceeded to disclose more information.

“I told him we are all under pressure,” Obradovic explained. “Insults, expectations, and threats are part of the job, but no one really suffered any consequences from that pressure, and I think he can handle it. He then told me that he had received several calls and was forced to give up.”

Ultimately, Obradovic mentioned that Mirotic had been contacted by unidentified politicians and members of the church.

“I will tell you exactly as he told me. He didn’t mention any names, but he told me he received calls from politicians and the church. Nikola did not reveal any names, but he told me it was about people from politics and the church. I know that much. He can confirm that.”

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