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Ty Lue on Russell Westbrook: “We’ve never had a leader, and he is our leader”

Photo: LA Clippers/Twitter

Former NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas recently shared an intriguing revelation about the Clippers’ perspective on Russell Westbrook.

According to Arenas, Clippers head coach Ty Lue considers Westbrook the team’s much-needed leader, a role they have been lacking, and expresses contentment in retaining him on the roster.

During a candid conversation on “Gil’s Arena,” Arenas recounted his discussion with Tyronn Lue, in which he inquired about Westbrook’s contract. “I talked to Tyronn Lue and I said why did my man get no money? Talk about Westbrook,” Arenas divulged.

Lue’s response highlighted Westbrook’s importance to the team, stating, “We gave him everything we had. He didn’t want to go nowhere, and we’re glad he didn’t because we’ve never had a leader, and he is our leader.”

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Westbrook’s journey with the Clippers began when he was traded to the Jazz on February 9, 2023, as part of a three-team deal involving the Timberwolves.

However, the point guard and the Jazz swiftly reached a contract buyout agreement on February 20, opening the path for Westbrook’s eventual return to the Clippers on February 22, 2023. Earlier this offseason Westbrook re-signed with the team, taking a record-setting pay cut, solidifying his commitment to the team.

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