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Doc Rivers reflects on playing for the Knicks: “Those ‘Go New York Go’ days were unbelievable”

After the Philadelphia 76ers’ 119-112 Christmas Day win at Madison Square Garden, head coach Doc Rivers looked back on playing for the New York Knicks.

(via Razz and Jazz Sports):

Reporter: “Two days ago, Joel [Embiid] talked about how he loves playing here in the Garden. I know you played here. But before even you played here, was it a special arena for you to come here and play in the Garden?”

Rivers: “It was a special arena, but they were not very good for a long time in that stretch. And then, I got to play here when we were good. There was nothing like that. It was absolutely amazing. Those ‘Go New York Go’ days were unbelievable. For me as a player, it was the closest team, as far as just guys. We still talk. I talk to [John] Starks, [Charles] Oakley, Patrick [Ewing], Greg [Anthony], Hubert Davis. We still talk all the time. So that was a special group.”

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