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The Most Famous Players in the NBA Who Are Fond of Gambling

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Annually, the NBA players gain millions in team franchise salaries and sponsorship money. They invest their wealth in opulent residences, expensive vehicles, and a lavish way of life. Some of them also finance enterprises. Several athletes also wish to enjoy themselves while using their well-earned bucks to engage in actual cash activities. 

Although numerous NBA players are unable to refrain, it might be difficult for some supporters to embrace the gambling habits of their idols. Professional athletes and everybody else may now effortlessly play their preferred casino games online thanks to reliable online casinos.

Why Do Some Basketball Players Like Betting?

We put this question to John Gold, who is a professional columnist from BP and understands betting like no other. As he said, several factors make it possible for prominent players to like betting at new online casinos:

  • Risking cash on an endeavor that has the chance to pay off handsomely could be exhilarating and stimulating.
  • A few players could view gambling as a method to supplement their income.
  • Betting can be an enjoyable means of competing with someone for certain individuals who are naturally competitive.

The Most Notable NBA Players Who Indulge in Casino Games

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, who is widely regarded as the greatest NBA player ever, has a competitive nature that translates to equality on and away from the court. He uses gaming at new casinos in Atlantic City as one of his competitive outlets. On the court, Jordan won significant accolades such as Most Valuable Player, NBA Best Player Award, NBA Rookie of the Year, and NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

Jordan reportedly dropped over $1 million in one game as a result of his involvement in golf betting. He also enjoys playing roulette, craps, and other sports gambling at the newest casinos. Given his US$1.6 billion net wealth, this doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing.

2. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is among the finest superstars in NBA history. Shaq, formerly a monster on the hoop, now provides commentary for the television program “Inside the NBA.” Throughout his 19-year sports tenure, the NBA icon competed for six various top-tier NBA teams and won four NBA championships. Although Shaq has said that basketball would remain his greatest interest, he also enjoys making wagers and playing in online casinos. 

The NBA icon was once said to have gambled and squandered more than $200,000 in a single night playing the games in a casino. Shaquille was interviewed by ESPN in the wake of the devastating betting defeats. O’Neal was not concerned over his wagering losses, saying instead that he enjoyed gambling at new casinos periodically and thought it was entertaining. Last year, he also started diving into NFT space.

3. Charles Barkley

A gentleman on the court, Charles Barkley was a former NBA player. Throughout his 16 NBA seasons, Barkley starred for 3 different clubs. In addition to being a complete sledgehammer on the game, Barkley is infamous for several other things, which include gambling at new Australian online casinos.

He enjoys wagering on high-stakes gaming and is an avid gambler. Unfortunately, Barkley did have difficulty in 2006 as a result of his casino gambling. He publicly acknowledged having wasted over $10 million in a Las Vegas casino. When he couldn’t settle his roughly $400,000 in obligations, he was also subject to legal action. He nevertheless keeps going to casinos to play pokies or at the tables.

4. Antoine Walker

According to rumors, NBA player Antoine Walker’s friend Michael Jordan taught him how to gamble. However, betting turned out to be challenging and the root of several issues in the situation of Antoine Walker. His profession came to an end as a consequence of his wagering problems and liabilities from multiple poker games at various new online casinos. It was alleged in 2009 that Walker underpaid cash to at least ten casinos in Las Vegas, with the overall debt, reportedly exceeding $1 million.

5. Allen Iverson

Despite being one of the most skilled players of the century and having participated in 11 All-Star tournaments, Allen Iverson’s career has deteriorated greatly as a result of his severe betting problem. He has struggled with drinking and gambling habits all of his lifetime, despite having a net fortune of higher than $200 million during the pinnacle of his profession. 

Consequently, as a consequence of his careless behavior, he incurred significant monetary losses and was disqualified from taking part in several new brick-and-mortar casinos as an outcome of his improper behavior. He enjoyed playing blackjack and poker, among other activities.

Final Thoughts

If you fancy some gambling activities, you should hunt for the newest online casinos that just require a small deposit, just like the NBA players. These plays are entertaining and frequently yield sizable winnings. The only steps required are to signup, make a deposit, and then begin to bet. You can also enjoy some extra spins at gambling websites if you would like to check out the casino games in which your top NBA stars take part.

And if you’re facing a gambling addiction, get free help or call the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.

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