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Step into the EuroLeague maze…

The most unpredictable and exciting Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season yet is upon us, with fans across the world waiting to tune in over the next nine months to see how the drama plays out.

All 18 teams begin the competition with one goal in mind – lifting the EuroLeague trophy! Along the way, there will be difficulties and struggles, false starts and blind alleys – all of which need to be overcome. When every game matters, in a question of moments, everything can change.

Four superstars competing in the season that starts on Thursday – Kostas Sloukas of Olympiacos Piraeus, Walter Tavares of Real Madrid, Bryant Dunston of Anadolu Efes Istanbul and Tomas Satoransky of FC Barcelona – are the protagonists of a special promotional video ahead of the new campaign that illustrates how hard it is to win the EuroLeague title. As they make their way through a maze full of obstacles in search of glory, with each new turn, challenges emerge.

The maze signifies the journey that these players, and their teams, must take in order to navigate their way through a season full of unexpected twists. At the end of the video, Olympiacos legend and two-time EuroLeague champion Georgios Printezis, who retired over the summer, is waiting for them. Printezis, the master of the maze, has exactly what these four players are looking for: the key to deliverance.

In a season in which every victory is going to be of vital importance, the 18 teams in the EuroLeague begin their respective journeys starting now. The team that most successfully guides itself through the maze-like season will be rewarded at the end with the EuroLeague trophy at the Final Four.

Make sure to tune in for the 2022-23 EuroLeague season, because the journey to become champion has just begun.

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