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Sixers’ Doc Rivers calls Tyrese Maxey the ‘most impressive young player’ he coached in his career

Photo: Charles Fox/Philadelphia Inquirer

Entering his third year with the Philadelphia 76ers, Tyrese Maxey’s immense talent has been in the regular sight of Doc Rivers.

Which makes him believe that the former Kentucky product has already made it to the crack within the notable players that he handled in over two decades of coaching.

Joining the Vince Carter Show, Rivers delivered some wonderful praise to Maxey, in which he called “the most impressive young player” that he ever guided in his whole strategic career.

“He’s the most impressive young player I’ve ever had, in 21 years of coaching,” Rivers said of Maxey, via NBC Sports’ Adam Hermann. “His work ethic, Vince, is beyond belief. Many times already this summer, already two or three times, we’ve had to tell him to go sit down somewhere and go relax.

“He works with Sam Cassell and my son Spencer, they’re skill-developing coaches. He called Spencer two weeks ago because, I guess like Ros, he went on vacation. The difference, Ros, is this is the first vacation he’d ever been on in his entire life. That’s what he was telling us. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ He was like, ‘No, I’ve never been on vacation. He asked Spencer, ‘What do you do on vacation?’ True question, what do you do on vacation? And Spence was like, ‘You relax!’ And [Tyrese goes], ‘For how long? For how many days? We’re going for a week, I can’t relax for a week.'”

Tyrese Maxey took his FIRST VACATION in his life! 😂 🏝 | The VC Show

Following the ending of the dramatic Ben Simmons saga, Maxey assumed a much bigger responsibility and a future pivotal position for the Sixers.

Currently at 21 years of age, he can’t ask for more blessings in his current state within Philly, as James Harden and Sam Cassell are posted as his closest mentors.

But given the narratives of Rivers, Maxey’s workaholic mentality can only bring him to the greater heights of the NBA hierarchy. After his first year playing off the bench, he jumped on and seized the opportunity of being a starter in his second season, averaging a much improved 17.5 points, 4.3 assists, 3.2 boards in 48 percent shooting.

As Philadelphia now stands as a serious title contender after a productive offseason, Maxey’s age and promising potential can only extend this given classification for years to come.

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