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TOP 10 Most Viewed and Popular Basketball YouTube Channels

Casual fans who watch the most interesting and famous basketball and real sports enthusiasts are reaching out on YouTube to see a deeper analysis and visualization of the most engaging moments of the game. Nothing beats the fantastic feeling of watching the game at the place, but today people want to know more about their favorite sports than what is shown on official tv channels. 

Some collect information and look for inspiration to use in their sports blogs, dwelling on the most frequently approached channels to understand how to get more popularity to their profile and buy YouTube views for the cheapest price and the right content. Let’s see which channels on YouTube can become your top guides and give you top insights on basketball. Here are the top ten profiles that you should check out on YouTube for any motivation that you have.


2022 NBA Finals | #CHASINGHISTORY | MINI-MOVIE Full Compilation

The alpha and omega of all the industry-related channels. NBA is an official YouTube channel of the league, and it is one of the first places to get thorough and exclusive information about games, players, interesting statistics, and comparisons, along with other things that can engage a true fan for a long time. NBA on YouTube is updated often, so you are probably not going to experience a lack of videos to watch. 


Since 1979, ESPN has been broadcasting to the spectators everything that involves sports. Trade deals, various insights and other stuff was originally delivered to the fans from the tv screens, but with the internet consuming the popularity of television, ESPN are also providing their viewers with valuable content on YouTube. As you visit their channel, it is easy to get lost in it all day, because the list of videos is practically endless.


The Giant Kid Who Could Change The NBA Forever

This creator follows all the significant happenings in the world of basketball, explaining them and analyzing them so even casual fans could understand all the specifics of this sport and what’s around it. If you are looking for a good review for all that is going on in the industry, followed up with real statistical information, that is a perfect choice for you if you want to know more about the NBA and basketball game in general.


This is a source of pure fun in the world of basketball. Here you will find hilarious moments of the NBA games, with new episodes coming practically every day. ShaQtime channel has appeared as a logical option that follows up the glorious show on TNT that is called Shaqtin’ a fool (the interpretation of the phrase “acting a fool”), which was a fun treat for spectators that exposed the best and the worst moments of the game. 

NiTringo NBA

NBA - WOW Moments Part 36

This is a fine choice for those who want to dive deep in the latest events throughout the league. Although the channel author defines himself as a Sacramento Kings fan, he is equally covering all teams that play in the league and becomes an objective explorer and analytic of all the happenings there. Almost 340k subscribers are monitoring his channels to find interesting and useful insights.

Hooper Highlights

A channel for those who were late to see an actual game or missed it for any other reason, but want to catch up with the most interesting and significant moments of it. The latest game recaps and reviews are waiting there to be discovered. One of the treats on Hooper Highlight is that the videos he makes are about 10 minutes long, which is useful for people who don’t like wasting time and prefer to get a brief recollection of the most engaging moments of the game. 

House Of Highlights

DeMar DeRozan EPIC 41 PTS Full Highlights vs Bucks in Game 2 🔥

Subscribing to the House Of Highlights means you are never to fall out of the information stream. This channel holds a big library of valuable;e videos covering the basketball content at the fullest. House Of Highlights is also known for its impeccable video production quality making it more than pleasant for you to catch up with latest updates from the industry.

Professor Live

Finally, the channel in this list that is not related solely to NBA. This creator films his challenges in stunting and game technique, calling on the known players around the courts of Venice Beach. The channel holds an audience of approximately 7 million subscribers, who are up to stunning entertainment and whimsical stuff on this profile. 

This channel can be named as one of the most interesting and unusual ones in the niche of sports on YouTube. 

Mike Korzemba

Is The #1 Pick Even Worth It…

Hot, valuable, and intriguing videos that cover all the things important for basketball. The style of this channel is a bit similar to JxmyHighroller.  Also, the channel creator dwells in hypothetical field, like, what if Kobe Bryant played for a college team, if he would actually go there, and break all the basketball records, and so on.


Quick fun, brought to us in Tik Tok style! Short videos with trendy music that hold the sports fan community together. Unique and hilarious content is what you definitely will find here. For only a year JDub has managed to gain a 250k audience that continues to grow rapidly, thanks to his new approach to the material, making it more like memes that are related not only to the industry perks, but to the feelings and opinions of the sport fans too. 


Kevin Durant Just EXPOSED The NBA's Problem

and the list closes with another excellent basketball reviewer who uncovers all the details of the NBA league. The videos are filled with high-quality analytics that provide an exquisite value for basketball fans , with logic and reason. Follow this regularly updated channel to find extremely interesting and relevant insights on NBA games, teams, and players.


Of course nothing can replace the joy from watching a live game. But YouTube channels that are dedicated to basketball are a fine addition that helps to understand how the industry works and what matters for the game better, which is why the fans are usually subscribed to many sport channels. Official channels like ESPN in bias with reviews from independent bloggers are a good food for thinking and analyzing the game and getting to know the brightest personalities of the industry. 

For bloggers-to-be, existing sport channels have to be a must-see content that will help to create appropriate, original and successful YouTube blogs and to find their place in the industry. Of course it is not wise to copy someone’s style and content, but by subscribing and checking your competitors’ content you will be able to find what makes you worth subscribing as well.

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