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LeBron James reacts to being included in MVP conversation

The performances of LeBron James this season brought his name in the MVP conversation. The four-time NBA champion is averaging 28.6 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game for the Los Angeles Lakers in his 19th NBA season.

Should James win the prestigious award, which would be his 5th, he would become the oldest NBA player ever to win it. Currently, the record belongs to Karl Malone, who was named the MVP at the age of 35. Meanwhile, he recently turned 37 years old.

“I think that when you are placed in the MVP conversation, that means that your team is winning games and you’e playing at a level that’s helping win games,” James said. “So if my name starts to be in the MVP conversation, then I’m happy about it because that means the Lakers are winning basketball games.

“And that’s what I want, that’s all I care about. I know what I bring to the table every night, I know what I’m capable of doing every night. But I want that to result in wins and that’s just always been my mindset in this league.”

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