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Evan Fournier, Knicks HC Tom Thibodeau liking the NBA’s new foul rule

Image courtesy: Associated Press

As a defensive-minded team, there is no doubt that the New York Knicks are liking the NBA’s new foul rule.

In an interview via New York Post, Knicks guard Evan Fournier said that he was frustrated at first on the league’s guidelines before transitioning anew — even comparing it to his time in Europe wherein things are more physical.

“Yeah. F— yeah,” said Fournier. “It was actually very frustrating for me. For years — I don’t like to compare anything — but coming from Europe we have guys that aren’t as physical, aren’t as athletic, and yet the game is more physical there.”

“So as a rookie, I kept fouling and fouling and fouling. And I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I’m skinny. I’m not strong. So I think the league did a great job, and we have to adapt and adjust. I think as a fan, it’s better. You don’t want to see guys just trying to trick referees all the time. I like it, 100 percent.”

Meanwhile his mentor, Tom Thibodeau also has the same sentiments. He said that the NBA is “headed down the right path” since no one would like to see a free-throw contest amongst the engaged teams.

“If you went back to 20 years ago, and some of us can, you’d have to make an aggressive move to the basket to get two free throws. The intent is to have a rhythm. If a player makes an aggressive move to the basket and he gets fouled, he should be given two free throws, but if you’re trying to trip up the game, in the old days, the veteran officials, they’d call the foul on the offensive player. That usually eliminated it right there.

“So I like the path that we’re on, because I think no one wants to go to a game and watch 80 free throws being shot. There’s no rhythm to that game.”

As some NBA stars, including Trae Young and James Harden, are still adjusting and expressing their own frustration on the new rule, it seems that the fans and many players are liking its presence.

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