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LeBron James: “I don’t need motivation from anybody in this league”

LeBron James
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LeBron James has just completed his 18th season in the NBA. The four-time NBA champion saw his path to another title end in the first round after the Phoenix Suns eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers. Devin Booker was the star of the series, especially in Game 6 when he had 47 points.

The 24-year-old guard averaged 29.7 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5 assists per game over the six playoff games against the defending NBA champions. After the last game of the series, James praised Booker and his development. He was also asked if emergence of new generation of young stars such as Booker gives him additional motivation to stay at the top.

“I don’t need motivation from anybody in this league. I motivate myself,” James replied. “I’m motivated with my kids, by my family and the love for this game. But take nothing away from it. There’s some young guns in this game. Book [Devin Booker], Donovan Mitchell, Luka [Doncic], Ja Morant. So many guys that’s like 22 and under, 23 and under who are just flat out special. And I was just to name a few.. Jayson Tatum let me not forget about him how special he is.

“Those guys are great and the game is always going to be in great hands with guys like that. But my motivation doesn’t come from that. My motivation comes from, like I said, my family, myself, my kids and my I Promise school back home that I get an opportunity to see today was their last day at school that was motivating to me and things of that nature. I’m past the motivating stage of the younger group.”

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