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Anthony Davis on playing alongside Andre Drummond, Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell

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The Los Angeles Lakers have bolstered their frontcourt with the addition of Andre Drummond. With Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell, the reigning NBA champions now have three centers on the roster. Anthony Davis was asked about the process of adjusting to playing alongside Drummond as well as the other two centers Gasol and Harrell.

“Obviously we don’t get a lot of game reps because the rotation is always changing depending on the matchup and the game,” AD said. “But I think that us four — the three centers and myself — are constantly talking. When I’m on a bench or at the time I wasn’t playing and they were playing we constantly talked about our spots on the floor, what it would be like, what would I like to see when I have the ball, when they have the ball what I like to do get open and passing high-low, all those things. It makes a lot easier when you’re constantly talking to each other and trying to figure things out.

“I think Drum just brings that physicality. He gives us extra possessions. He’s able to duck in, that lob thread kind of like that Blake [Griffin]-DeAndre [Jordan] thing they had a couple years back with the Clippers, their vertical spacing.

“Marc spreads the floor. Now there’s no big that can help when I get to the basket when I have a post up or anything like that. Now it’s a small that’s coming to double that I can shoot right over the top or if I do have a one-on-one post-up I’m able to have all the space in the paint to make a move for myself or make a play for someone else.

“And Trezz he’s just everywhere. Trezz is everywhere. He brings that energy, that offensive rebound We could throw to him in the post now I can space. It’s good having all three guys out there. They all bring a different dynamic to our team. They’re all going to be helpful down the stretch.”

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