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Anthony Davis shares his favorite Kobe Bryant story: “It was just insane to me”

Kobe Bryant Anthony Davis
Photo: Twitter/SportsCenter

Anthony Davis revealed that Kobe Bryant never invited him to come and join the Los Angeles Lakers, describing such possibility as a dream. The 28-year-old forward was also asked to share his favorite story about the Lakers legend.

“I think I told the story a while ago,” Davis said ahead of the game against the Indiana Pacers. “I was playing New Orleans and he was obviously with the Lakers. They were playing in New Orleans and I was sitting on the bench and Quincy Pondexter was guarding him. I think the play before Kobe had dunked and dislocated his right shoulder.

“And then I think that there was a timeout the next play he comes down catching the ball in the post. No one knew he has dislocated though. He was just going his shoulder, just going like this.

“So I figured something was bothering him. And then he came down the next play and hit a turnaround jumper left-handed from the post. And that always just sticks in my head for a guy to dislocate his shoulder and continue to play and come down just say ‘F*ck it, I’ma shoot left-handed now, I can do it. I can get a bucket with either hand.’

“It was just insane to me. Then the first I’ve seen, I mean I’ve seen guys shoot left-handed and things like that, but to do it in a game where it counts and it matters is just unreal. So that’s one of my favorite Kobe moments for sure.”

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